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Compostable alternatives for sanitary napkin raw materials

How to dispose a sanitary napkin? Have you heard of organic/ biodegradable/ compostable sanitary pads? Can sanitary napkins be 100% compostable? Can disposable products be recycled? What should be government’s policy around disposal of sanitary napkin waste? This blog is a part of a series of 5 articles with the aim of answering some of the above questions and creating…
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Save lives with Social Distancing: How to protect your family from coronavirus, primed to hit India like a bomb

Biogen, a Boston-based biotech company, held a conference in the last week of February. 175 senior managers from around the world attended this meeting, including two from Italy. Within a week, 70 of them were infected with Covid-19, making it the single largest outbreak in Massachusetts. My son is studying in MIT and stays five…
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80 days around the world

80 days around the world, we’ll find a pot of gold just sitting where the rainbow’s ending. Time – we’ll fight against the time, and we’ll fly on the white wings of the wind. 80 days around the world, no we won’t say a word before the ship is really back. Round, round, all around…
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